Downtown Toronto // 7-Part Series Thursdays from Oct 11 to Nov 29, 2018

Chakras & Champagne


Self-Discovery Series

Making a positive impact in the world starts with YOU. But you knew that, right? 

You’ve already jumped on the self-development train. You go to your favourite fitness class to take care of your physical health, you read the latest “Heather’s” pick in the well being section, and maybe you’ve started dabbling in meditation but find it hard to stay consistent.  

You’ve been putting in the self-work. Yet, You still have down days and some days you don’t feel like getting out of bed - often times getting caught in the “should’s” (I should meditate, I should do yoga, I should be positive, I should…). 

Raising your self-awareness can feel a bit uncoordinated, a little messy, and a little confusing. There are many tools and rituals to incorporate into your daily routine but what is right for you? It’s easy to wander aimlessly when there isn’t one clear path that points you in the right direction.  

During this Series, you will learn my favourite self-discovery tool: the Chakra system (aka your personal guide).  

This tool has enhanced my journey more than a daily meditation practice. Yes, I said it. Meditation isn’t the only way to increase those high vibes (although, don’t be quick to write it off completely). The reason you might meditate, among many other reasons, is to be more present. It helps with your emotional and mental wellbeing, and has many proven benefits.  

However, in my experience, mediation alone did not provide me with all the tools to pursue my path to self-discovery and still function in our Western society. You can isolate yourself by meditating for hours but reality check: there are still bills that need to be paid, boundaries that need to be set, and feelings of stress, guilt, jealousy, and loneliness to be processed because you are beautifully human.  

Join me in this Series, where I will show you how the Chakras can be your guide to synergize the energetic connection between the mind and body. Learn about a practical Eastern mindfulness tool that can be implemented into your day-to-day urban life. 

About the Self-Discovery Series:

It’s a light-hearted approach to merge Eastern mindfulness practices and the reality of our Western culture through the Chakras. 

Through this 7 part series, you will:  

  • Work through a bio-energetic map that will help you better understand your thoughts, patterns, triggers, and limiting beliefs that are holding you back 
  • Learn to bridge the gap between your physical body and emotional/mental body 
  • Build more awareness and learn practical tools to synergize the mind-body-soul connection that can be implemented through your daily life 
  • Uncover your blockages to flow with life rather than against it - allowing more ease & grace 
  • Learn to live life with more purpose and fulfillment  
  • Learn tools to help manage/alleviate stress, anxiety, and depression


What to Expect

  •  Practical exercises & Meditations - told you not to write it off :) 
  •  Workshop avec a glass of bubbly 
  •  Time to connect with a loving, like-minded tribe
  •  An open-minded environment 


Weeks 1-3

Focus on the physical world, your daily reality 

Week 4

The bridge between physical and emotional/mental world (also know as the heart)

Weeks 5-7

Going deeper and focusing on the emotional & mental world

Why embark on a self-discovery journey?

Learning more about yourself empowers you within your personal and professional spheres: in romance, business, your closest relationships, and especially the relationship with yourself. 

It can be difficult to carve out the time to dedicate to the “work". This is a time to be guided through the process. You will leave with a better connection and understanding of YOU

Self-discovery is a journey. It’s a journey that doesn’t end; it just gets easier to flow through.

When & Where:

Each workshop in the series will be held on Thursday evenings. The workshop will begin at 7pm sharp and finish by 9pm (2 hours)  

Dates: October - 11, 18, 25 // November - 8, 15, 22, 29

Location: Downtown Toronto - Fort York & Bathurst (address will be announced once registration is complete)


About the Guide

Vitina Blumenthal, founder of WanderfulSoul and Co-founder of Wanderwell, is a wellness experience architect, self-discovery enthusiast and certified Yoga Instructor. After a successful career in the music industry, she began a journey of discovery in an Ashram in India and has since dedicated the last seven years travelling throughout India, South East Asia and Central America teaching and leading wellness retreats. Vitina is especially known for helping others incorporate Eastern mindfulness traditions and healing practices into our modern Western lifestyle. She continues to learn from renowned wellness thought leaders and more formally studied Mindfulness at the University of Toronto. It's her lifework to infuse practical mindfulness tools into everyday life to guide people to live aligned to their purpose. Her passion remains firmly focused on the intersection between well being and creating unforgettable, transformational experiences.



"Vitina is an amazing leader and coach. Her energy is empowering, inspiring and contagious! Her ability to craft an experience that is not only relaxing, but also thought-provoking and contemplative, is a real gift. I would love to join her again on another experience - who knows what I’ll discover about myself next time!"




"I am so grateful for this Experience. I wanted a life changing experience and that is what I got. So much positive energy and supportive new friends. Thank you for opening my heart, soul and mind to myself and the universe. You truly have a wonderful gift."




"Vitina is authentic. She is on her own personal quest to practice all that she can then offers it back to others. Her authenticity becomes part of the most important teaching message. Her personal truth is paramount and she seeks only to return to it, always. Inspiring indeed."


Registration // Toronto Series

Cost of Entire Series: FREE (Value - $350)

The "catch" - You will be required to make a $100 accountability deposit that will be refunded at the end of the series. For every missed workshop, you will lose $20 per session.

Dates: October - 11, 18, 25 November - 8, 15, 22, 29  

Time: 7-9pm 

Location: Downtown Toronto Fort York Blvd & Bathurst (address will be announced once registration is complete)

The group is Limited to 10 people.